Class work and Assignments for Catcher in the Rye

Background Activities

Modernism NOTES

Audio/Reading Activities

"The End of Something" Story Text
"The End of Something" Summary Video

Portfolio Packet Activities- You need to complete EVERY ACTIVITY by March 26th

1. "I Am" poem I am poem.doc
2. "End of Something" paragraph reflection
3. Multiple Intelligences Survey Paragraph reflection
4. Chapters 1-6 questions; Activity: "Old Allie's Baseball Mitt"
5. Chapters 7-12 questions; Activity: Quotable Quotes
6. Chapters 13-18 questions; Activity: Character Profile
7. Chapters 19-26 questions; Activity: "Coming Through the Rye"
Portfolio Rubric: CR Portfolio rubric.doc

Portfolio Google Doc:Catcher in the Rye Portfolio

Core 3 Writing Assignment: Literary Criticism, using secondary sources