All "Things" Huck Finn

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Audio version of the novel: Lit out Loud

Classwork activities

"Lit and its Times":

N6: Lit and its times group summaries

N3: Lit and its Times group summaries

N8 Lit and its Times summaries

Lit and Its Times Quiz

Satire in Huck Finn

Full Text and Questions: "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"
Full Text and Questions: "A Mystery of Heroism"


Diigo Directions

"The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"

"The Sanitation of Huck Finn" NPR Report

"Life on the Mississippi":

Figurative language collection

19 C. Writing Styles Class Presentation:


Research and Huck Finn

N3: Research Activity
N6: Research Activity
N8: Research activity

Chapter Activities:

HF Chapter 1-5 Paragraph Response
Chapters 6-14 Discussion Questions

Class/home work documents

theme worksheet.xls - Excell Document

Theme Worksheet - Google Doc

Literary Devices:-> in your groups, only one student needs to open this document, then share with the other members of your group.

Core 3 Writing Assignment: Literary Criticism Analysis