Core Writing #1: "I3"/ Quote integration

Core Writing #2: The Passage Paper

Passage Paper Directions (30 and 31):

Passage Paper Directions (32):

How to do a "close reading":

Passage Paper EXAMPLE:

Peer Edit (30 and 31):

Peer Edit (32) 32s peer edit.doc

Core Writing #3: Annotated Bibliography

DIIGO DIRECTIONS for 32 classes

Where to Search? Don't forget the NHS Library Databases!

CRAAP Test- website citation and sources CRAAP Evaluation Criteria

How to write the Essay:
OWL Purdue Annotated Bibliography "How To"

Order and organization for an AB: Step by Step Guide

Annotation Worksheet- complete in conjunction with reading a critical review




Works Cited



Core Writing # 4: Personal Essay

"This I Believe" Essays

Six-Word/Twitter Memoir

Example Exercise

Outline:event worksheet <-- this is an excel doc; print at school or at home to complete
HOW TO: Draft

Core 4 Rubric

Conference Sign-up:
English 30 English 31 English 32