Humanities is a team-taught course that examines the impact humans have had on their own sense of culture and the influence humanity has had on society throughout history. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students will explore visual and performing arts, music, literature and social sciences. Topics considered include an introduction to the humanities, the history of culture, humanity’s modern cultural impact and our roles and responsibilities as creators and products of culture. This course employs active discussions, demonstrations, group collaborations, group projects, some lectures, individual research and written reflections aimed at preparing the student for the college experience.


Looking at Diversity in Culture

"Hair" Homework
1. Watch the Sesame Street Video
2.Read of listen to one news article commentating on Sesame Street's video
3. Respond on the Discussion forum to the "Hair" post

Additional Comments on "Hair"
Willow Smith and Sesame Street Connection
Washington Post Article
Fashion Bomb Blog response
Hair Father's interview.mp3

Diversity Expressed in Literature

"How it Feels to be Colored Me" Zora Neal Hurston

"America and I" Anzia Yezierska

"We Wear the Mask", Paul Lawrence Dunbar
"Theme for English B", Langston Hughes